How to Use Vident iEasy310 Read and Clear DTCs Nov 27th, 2019   [viewed 1 time]

This instruction show you the overview on how to use Vident iEasy310 to read & clear DTCs.
Vident Scanner Tool

Read Codes
Read Codes menu lets you read stored codes, pending codes and permanent does found in the control unit. Typical menu options include:
● Stored Codes
● Pending Codes
● Permanent Codes

To read codes from a vehicle:

1.Press iEASY310 the Read hot key to directly read the codes from home screen. Or scroll with the UP/DOWN key to highlight Read Codes from Diagnostic Menu and press the OK key.
2.Select Stored Codes/Pending Codes/ Permanent Codes and press the OK key to confirm.
3.A code list including code number and its description displays.

Erase Codes
There are two ways to erase codes on Vident iEasy310 scanner:
● Press the Erase hot key to erase codes from home screen.
● Traditional way: select Erase Codes from the diagnostic menu.
1.Press the Erase hot key to directly erase the codes from the home menu. Or use the
UP/DOWN key to highlight Erase Codes from Diagnostic Menu and press the OK key.
2.Follow the on-screen instructions and answer questions about the vehicle being tested to complete the procedure.
3.Check the codes again. If any codes remain, repeat the Erase Codes steps.

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